Packing and Storage

Leather is highly hygroscopic and tends to absorb moisture from the surrounding air . The excess moisture absorbed by the leather during storage, packaging and shipping leads to.

Because of moisture absorbed leather Loss of Sheen, Bad Smell, Leather Spots & Leather Stains, Leather Mold and Leather Mildew which further results in gradual decomposition of leather goods and gradual decrease in leather strength.

So it is very costly and time consuming process for Leather that is stored and packed dry, stays dry.

Leather Storage

Finished leather products regain moisture while in storage, prior to packaging. This results in the high rate of product spoilage due to mould/ fungus/ mildew growth fueled by moisture absorbed by the leather. In order to prevent this spoilage, it is necessary to store the leather in humidity controlled warehouses where conditions are maintained at less than 40% RH at ambient temperature. This prevents leather from regaining moisture and thus, growth of mould/ fungus/ mildew is reduced.

Leather Packaging

The only way to prevent fungus growth is to ensure that the leather does not regain any moisture during packaging. The best, most simple and economical method to ensure that leather does not absorb moisture from the surrounding air while being packed, is to control the humidity at less than 40% RH in the packing area.